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How to get rid of pigeons (including the most dramatic way Ive ever seen)

by Marshall Brain

If you were to ask a city manager or a building owner about pigeons, you would find that there is no love for the birds. They are as bad as rats. Pigeons reproduce rapidly, poop everywhere and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

How bad can the problem get? This famous case demonstrates the problem:

Pigeons force band off the stage

The band Kings of Leon fled an ampthitheater stage in St. Louis, Mo. Friday night because of a pigeon infestation.

The pigeons bombarded the band with droppings at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre.

So the obvious question is: How do you get rid of pigeons? Here is the most dramatic solution I have ever seen - a net cannon traps the pigeons like a school of fish:

But when it comes to pigeons there are many, many ways to control them because they are such a huge problem. You can trap them:

You can use sticky stuff called Pignx:

You can shock them with shock tape:

You can shoot them with an air rifle:

You can use pigeon birth control:

You can use netting:

Bird Netting

You can use bird spikes and screens:

You can use things like spices, owl decoys, etc.:

You can introduce Peregrine Falcons as a predator:

You can scare them with sound:

These articles can also be very helpful:

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