Communicating with Visitors to
the City of the Future

One of the great things about choosing "The City of the Future" as the theme for Raleigh is that it immediately generates interest and curiosity. Visitors wonder what the City of the Future will be like. And the theme gives conference organizers and the media something to latch onto. When you are organizing a big conference or convention, you can say, "our event will be held in the City of the Future," and that makes a big impression on the people who will be attending. It turns Raleigh into an event in itself.

Of course, Raleigh has to back up the theme with real attractions that turn our city into the City of the Future. But as we've seen in this web site, we can do that. We need a futuristic transportation system, a great entertainment district and plenty of recreation options. We should also be able to demonstrate how the City of the Future will do things like generate electricity, educate our children and manage our waste. The good news is that all of this is well within our grasp. There is really nothing to stop us from turning Raleigh into a true showcase.

A good question to ask is this: how do we better communicate the vision and possibilities of the City of the Future to visitors? Obviously we will spread the word through advertisements and media exposure, but we need to do more. We need Raleigh to become a true destination.

Imagine the following. Imagine a web site that treats Raleigh in the same way that Disney, Inc. treats Disney World. Visitors come to the site, and what they see is a multi-media extravaganza that highlights all of the city's big attractions: the museums, the shopping opportunities, the parks, the recreational options, etc. Then the web site helps you plan your visit.

  • Are you coming with kids? Then you may want to pay special attention to Marbles, the Art Museum, the kid-friendly parks and the Natural History Museum.

  • Are you visiting for a convention but hoping to recreate as well? Then you may want to pay special attention to these golf courses, hiking trails, fishing opportunities, etc.

  • Are you looking for nightlife or high culture? Then...

  • And so on...
The web site can present videos showing visitors what every attraction has to offer, maps to show how to get to the different attractions, etc.

In other words, this web site will help visitors to plan out everything they want to see while they are here, including many attractions that they might never have known about otherwise. After visiting the web site for the City of the Future, visitors will be excited about coming to Raleigh and really looking forward to their arrival.

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