Frequently Asked Questions

The most common question by far is this:

1) Where will the money come from?

The city has been contemplating a light rail system for more than a decade. The proposed system uses clunky diesel trains, and the projected cost is more than $700 million. Much of that money would come from state and federal sources. However, the federal government has not been willing to fund the system so far, perhaps because it doesn't really go anywhere and it is unlikely anyone would use it.

For that same money, we could build a ubiquitous and modern monorail system that would be truly useful.

Another source of funding could be provided by Wake County's hotel occupancy tax. In 2006, over $13,000,000 was collected through this tax on visitors.

Another common question:

2) Are you insane? We can't make Raleigh the City of the Future!

As you can see in this web site, the idea is not insane. It is ambitious, yes, and it does require a little outside-the-box thinking. But this theme is definitely within our grasp. We truly could install a city-wide monorail system. We truly could build a giant entertainment district close to downtown Raleigh using public and private funding. And there are many things that we already have that give us a credible starting point: strong universities, RTP, a fantastic recreation system, a clean source of electricity, a good county-wide education system and so on. All that we are doing is adding to a strong foundation. We are using the theme of the "City of the Future" to inspire our imaginations. The big bonus is that this theme makes Raleigh far more attractive to anyone who is thinking about visiting.

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