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Need a new hobby? Need extra income? Want to be the ultimate locavore? Consider urban farming

by Marshall Brain

As the following article points out, farming is on the rise. It is fueled by many factors, including:

  • High food prices
  • Environmental concerns
  • The idea of locally-grown foods
  • Concerns about genetic engineering and pesticides
  • A desire for self-sufficiency
  • A desire for medically beneficial hobbies
  • And so on

Farming surges in state with new crop of devotees

Farms come in all shapes and sizes, but tiny urban/suburban farms are definitely on the rise:

On a field next to Potts, Adisson Toussaint, a 2004 immigrant from Haiti, was carefully weeding rows of cucumbers and summer squash. He has been growing vegetables on his half-acre plot for three years and selling his produce at a weekly farmers market in nearby Lowell.

Although he farmed in Haiti, Toussaint took classes sponsored by a Tufts University agriculture program to sharpen his understanding of marketing, land use, and business practices.

This video shows the ultimate urban farm, producing 3 tons of food per year from 6,000 square feet of raised-bed gardens:

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What if you dont have a backyard? Then you have two options. The first is a window garden, as described here:

Or you can try container gardening:

How to Grow Tomatoes in Containers

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