Tipping ovens can cause serious injury

If you have a newer oven, it probably has a sticker on the oven door that warns you about the danger of tipping ovens. If the oven door is open and a child climbs on the door, there is a good chance the oven will tip over. At the very least, your child will get dumped onto the floor. If there is something cooking on the stove at the time, what is on the stove will fall onto the child, causing severe burns. In extreme cases the oven can tip completely over and land on the child, causing severe injury.

Obviously you want to keep your child from playing with the oven -- it can cause burns or entrapment. But if your child does happen to climb on the oven door, you want to keep the oven from tipping.

To solve this problem, oven manufacturers now require ovens to be installed with a clip bolted to the floor that prevents tipping. One of the back feet of the oven slides into the clip and holds the oven in place. You should verify that the clip is in place and that the foot of the oven is in the clip -- simply remove the drawer under the oven and have a look at the back feet to verify that the clip is bolted to the floor. Steps you can take

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