How to make Beef Jerky at home

by Marshall Brain

I love Beef Jerky. It is a great high protein snack and perfect for the Dukan Diet. But there is one problem - Have you ever noticed how expensive it is? It can be outrageous, especially at convenience stores.

The solution, of course, is to make your own beef jerky at home. And it is a lot easier than you might think. All you need is some lean meat, some seasonings and an oven. This video shows you the basics:

Here's how to do it in your oven. Set the oven at its lowest setting (150 to 170 degrees F) and let the jerky dry for 8 hours or so:

This video shows you how to do it with a dehydrator:

If you don't want to slice the meat yourself, you can get your butcher to slice it thin like fajita meat.

If you want to fit more jerky in your oven for drying, consider using skewers or toothpicks to let the meat hang down from the rack as shown here.