The easiest way to grow a vegetable garden

by Marshall Brain

Let's say that you have kids, and you and your kids would like to have a garden. Gardening are great for kids - it teaches them a lot about nature, and it also let's them see the fruits of their own labor. There is nothing more exciting for a kid than eating food your have grown yourself.

The problem with having a garden is that it can be a lot of work - You have to prepare the soil. If your have a rocky soil it can be a complete pain in the neck. If you have a typical grassy backyard, your have to tear up the grass (which can be a lot harder than it looks). What we need is an EASY way to start a garden.

The following video shows you the very easiest way in the world to start a vegetable garden. Buy inexpensive bags of top soil at the local home improvement store (At my local Home Depot or Lowe's, topsoil gets as low as $1.60 per 40-pound bag). Put the bag on the ground, cut off the top, poke holes in the bottom with a screwdriver and start planting. If you do this on grass, the bag will kill the grass for you:

It really doesn't get any easier than that. As he mentions in the video, at the end of the year you can dump the topsoil out of the bags and use it to improve the soil. If you've killed the grass this year, next year's garden won't need any new topsoil.

Another way to do it is to combine a bag garden with raised beds. Here is the simplest bed you can build:

They talk about taking out the sod, but why bother? Build the bed, then grow a bag garden this year. It will kill the sod for you. At the end of the year, dump out the plastic bags and you have a raised bed full of rich topsoil.