How to learn to golf and how to teach your kid to golf

by Marshall Brain

Think about baseball. You can play baseball with your friends, or with your kids, just about anytime and anywhere. Kids play baseball in the street, in the park, in the yard, on vacant lots... just about anywhere.

Now think about golf. If you want to play golf, you need to to a golf course, and golf course tend to be fairly rare, expensive and often crowded. If you want to practice golf you need to go to a driving range, and driving ranges tend to be as rare as golf courses. In addition, they are relatively expensive. If you want to practice for an hour, you will need a couple of buckets of balls and it can easily add up to $20 or more.

What if there were a way to practice and play golf - and here we are talking about real golf using real clubs - almost anywhere. Like in your yard, at a park, in a parking lot, at the beach or in any nearby field? Or what if you could play golf with a friend, or with your kid, hitting the ball back and forth to each other in the front yard?

Now you can, with the invention of something called the Birdie Ball. The Birdie Ball isn't really a ball. Instead it is a small tube. But when you hit a birdie ball with a real golf club, two magical things happen:

  1. The ball flies just like a real golf ball wood. If you hit it straight, it goes straight. If you hook it or slice it, the Birdie Ball hooks or slices.
  2. However, because it is a tube, the Birdie Ball doe's have the ability to fly hundreds of yards. Instead it flies 30 or 40 yards (depending on the club) and then falls to the ground.
The short flight distance means you can practice golf just about anywhere. It also means that high schools and colleges can set up a golf course on a football field so that students can learn to play the game and get in lots of practice.

This first video shows how a birdie ball performs its magic:

Normally you combine a Birdie Ball with a strike pad like this:

This video shows how many places you can play a game of Birdie Ball:

Here's how to play Birdie Ball in a suburban neighborhood:

You can see that a game of Birdie Ball can be played just about anywhere. That means you can practice golf every day without the expense of driving ranges and greens fees.