How to Hide Money in your home

by Marshall Brain

The problem with money is that, if you leave it lying around the home (or a hotel room, in your luggage, etc.) it often disappears. If will also disappear if your home is burglarized. What you need is a way to hide the money. Out of sight, out of mind. Here are several different ways to hide money around the house:

Technique 1 - In a magic marker:

Technique 2 - Book compartment:

Technique 3 - Playing card compartment:

Technique 4 - In a soda bottle (with soda still in it!):

Technique 5 - Under carpet:

In the previous video, you may not need to cut out the square of carpet. Simply grab the rug and it will normally pull away from the tack strips that hold it down.

Technique 6 - Electrical outlet:

Technique 7 - Hidden drawer (a little more involved but hard to discover):

Technique 8 - Hidden cabinet (a full construction project):

Technique 9 - Four other ideas that do not require modification (camera, speaker, ipod case, bike frame):