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These are some of my favorite blog entries from Marshall Brain's Blog. See also Robotic News, SadTech and WebKew.

Why smoking is sexy?

Finding your soulmate

Asimov's 3 Laws

Enhancing Your Body

Global warming 1 and Global warming 2

Google user rankings

Windows XP Handhelds

C-sections and evolution

Child alone

End of Handwriting

A day at the Hospital

Followup to ADATH


Christmas lights at Wal-Mart

Unusual Test

Electricity, gasoline and uranium

Large well-hidden subcultures in America

Fast food and the economy

Smaller and smaller PCs

Basic food

Drug prices

A little too intimate

Cell phone outlets

The mind of a child

The brain's memory capacity


The smartest, happiest children

Giant resort islands

Bigger is better

Plywood cows and capitalism

Billing for wasted time

Billing for wasted time2

The web's 10th year

The next open source frontier

Concise statement of why

Half birthdays

The death star and DRM

Low Batt

Smallest cars

The end of paper

The perfect food

Warning labels

Finding a song

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You may also enjoy this in-depth interview, "Marshall Brain on Singularity 1on1: We're approaching humanity’s make or break period":

On the coming Singularity and Artificial Intelligence:

A Conversation with Marshall Brain from MIRI on Vimeo.

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