Watching Star Wars 28 Years Later – Introduction

by Marshall Brain

This all started out innocently enough.

I bought the Star Wars Trilogy box set and I sat down to watch the original movie “Star Wars: A New Hope” on a Saturday night.

I still have very fond memories of seeing this movie with my big brother for the first time as a teenager. Like millions of other people, I was totally blown away by the movie at the time. From the opening text to the final scene, the whole thing was so cool and so futuristic. It was nearly a life-changing experience. I talked about it for weeks and saw the movie several times.

So I put in the DVD, flipped on the TV and was completely prepared to relive the magic I felt in 1977. The opening crawl came onto the screen just as I remembered, and then…

What happened next is very hard to describe. Instead of “reliving the magic”, I was amazed (horrified?) to discover that Star Wars has become as comical as a Flash Gordon movie. Looking at it today, it is impossible to watch the movie without laughing at all of its anachronisms. From a SadTech perspective and a Robotic Nation perspective, Star Wars has become impossibly lame.

The ship from a typical Flash Gordon movie is embarrassing.
It is a plastic model with a sparkler stuck in the back.
Watching Episode IV: A New Hope today is nearly as painful.

What I would like to do in this article is walk you through just the first 10 minutes of so of the movie and show you how dated this movie has become…

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