Watching Star Wars 28 Years Later – Slide 3

by Marshall Brain

The evil Darth Vader makes his first appearance, stepping over and around the bodies of dead soldiers:

The most obvious problem with Darth is the fact that he is wearing a cape. Surely The Incredibles has taught us once and for all, “No Capes!”

It is also obvious that the guy has a breathing problem. And this gets us to a very interesting question about a society this advanced — would people still inhabit their bodies? Let’s say that Darth Vader had the choice of leaving his brain in his messed-up human body, or transfering it to a robotic body with the athletic abilities of the robots in I, Robot. It is pretty clear that he would choose the robotic body. Humans on earth will start having this choice within the next 30 years or so.

Nonetheless, Darth strides onto the princess’ ship with his cape and his breathing problems. Meanwhile, the princess is…

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