Watching Star Wars 28 Years Later – Slide 7

by Marshall Brain

There are so many other moments like this throughout the movie. There’s the storm troopers riding on incredibly slow, ungainly pack animals. This is particularly humorous in light of the speeder bikes that the storm troopers use in Episode 6:

Then there is the size and amount of the equipment Luke carries on his belt — he’s got so much stuff that it impedes his motion:

I mean, look at the size of these binoculars!

And then look at the kind of display that they offer — highly pixelated and virtually useless:

There is the fact that in this highly advanced society they are still using something as primitive as hypodermic needles:

There is the incredibly low resolution of their 3-D holograms. Honestly, wouldn’t you expect 2 million x 2 million x 2 million pixel resolution in a society this advanced? Along with life-size images and interactivity? But no, the holograms are small, foggy and pixelated:

Probably most surprising of all is the fact that they have not solved the aging problem — people still get old, their skin still sags, they still have to shave and so on:

It is easy to go on and on like this, but let’s stop here because I am sure you get the idea.

Even here on earth, long before we get to the point of artificial gravity, blasters and hyperdrives, I expect we will solve the aging problem, eliminate hypodermic needles, create super-high-resolution displays, etc. Therefore, it is funny (embarrassing?) (painful?) to now look at the Star Wars universe just 28 years after its creation and see such a huge number of anachronisms.

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