Watching Star Wars 28 Years Later – Slide 2

by Marshall Brain

In the next scene we have several dozen human soldiers moving into position to guard the door of the princess’ ship:

Human soldiers???? With this many droids around? Why in the world would you use human soldiers? Even on earth, and even though we lack the blasters, space ships, hyper drives and artificial gravity, we plan to eliminate human soldiers on the battlefield within the next 20 years or so.

And look at the clothes these soldiers are wearing. Cotton slacks with a matching shirt and a black, fabric vest? What, no laser-proof armor? Not even a bullet-proof vest?

And these soldiers are standing out in the open in a hallway — they are sitting ducks. This just does not seem very smart.

Now everything is in position for the first battle scene. The imperial storm troopers cut open a door and make their entrance.

Wouldn’t you expect for the storm troopers, at the very least, to lob a simple tear gas grenade into the hallway and clear out these human soldiers? Even police officers on earth today would have the common sense to do that. Or what about a couple of the rolling “destroyer” droids. Or how about a little diplomacy — try talking to these people and avoid some bloodshed.

But no, the storm troopers come in with their blasters blazing, and they are human too! There is much death and mayhem. All of this leading up to the entrance of yet another impossibility…

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