How to make real, authentic movie-theater popcorn at home

by Marshall Brain

You might have experienced this: no matter how hard you try, you cannot replicate the taste of movie theater popcorn when you make popcorn at home. Now, for the first time, the secrets are revealed:

Movie Theater Popcorn on the Cheap

For several years, I have tried to figure out what it was about movie popcorn that made it so good. I slaved in my kitchen with pots and pans, air poppers, and the like. The results were “sorta kinda but not really” at best. Never did I even come close to something that would make watching a movie at home become a reasonable experience. Then, finally, the perfect storm…

You need:

  1. The right popper
  2. The right oil
  3. The right flavoring

See the article for details. If you don’t like that article (especially the flavoring part) try this article: Can You Really Make Movie Theater Popcorn at Home?

Heres one reason why you might want to be making the popcorn at home: The Rise of Movie Theater Popcorn Prices Over The Last 80 Years

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