The origins of HowStuffWorks on the WebMasters podcast with Aaron Dinon

Had the chance to talk about HowStuffWorks with Aaron Dinon on his WebMasters podcast. It is available at a variety of podcast outlets:

The Internet has always been a place to learn about new things. But, in the early days of the Web, one writer took that opportunity for learning to an extreme by creating an entire website devoted to explaining how stuff works. His name is Marshall Brain, and he named his website — quite appropriately —

HowStuffWorks became a popular online destination for people to learn about the inner works behind everything from internal combustion engines to water towers. It eventually expanded from the Web into books, magazines, TV shows, and even podcasts. In fact, even now it remains a popular infotainment websites.

On this Web Masters episode, Marshall shares the story of building and growing HowStuffWorks, from writing his first article to leading the company to a successful acquisition.

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