The Day You Discard Your Body Chapter 12 – The lure of porn

by Marshall Brain

With the advent of the Internet, almost all porn has moved online. As a result it is nearly impossible to know how many of the people around you are using porn. It is not like there is a “porn aisle” down at the local Wal-Mart or a porn shop at the Mall where you can see the popularity of this genre. Porn consumption is nearly invisible because it all takes place in private homes.

 photo by Dewayne Flowers

That’s why the number of porn users in the United States is so staggering when you look at the statistics. It is nearly impossible to imagine the penetration that porn has achieved into the adult marketplace.

Here is one way to get a sense of porn’s magnitude. Think about how many people you know who use Google. Nearly everyone does. Chances are that you visit Google or a search engine like it just about every day to find something that you need on the Internet. Nearly 80% of Internet users in the United States visit a search engine at least once a week. According to Hitwise, a company that tracks Internet usage, Google is so popular that 2.7 percent of all Web visits involve a visit to Google. Yahoo Search receives 1.7 percent of all web visits. MSN gets 1.1 percent. In other words, 5.5 percent of all web visits involve a trip to one of the three major search engines.

5.5 percent represents an immense amount of Internet traffic. But it is nearly insignificant when compared to porn. Porn sites receive 18.8 percent of all Web visits. [ref]

That’s right. Search engine usage is nearly ubiquitous across all Webizens. But search engine usage is very small when compared to the consumption of porn on the Internet.

That’s how popular and pervasive porn is today.

 photo by Les Delano

But think about the technology of pornography right now. It is pathetic. People are using Internet porn sites to look at still photographs or watch small, grainy video images of other people participating in sexual activities. No porn user today can actually experience the sensations of sex from the porn they consume. If porn is this popular today using such a primitive set of tools, you can imagine how popular porn will be when it is completely interactive and done at Vertebrane resolution.

Imagine your perfect virtual body interacting with the perfect virtual bodies of other men and women. Imagine simulated people who are designed to fulfill your every fantasy and your every sexual whim. That’s where Vertebrane porn will take you.

Would you like to do it with three naked vixens on a deserted Caribbean beach? You will be able to do that with Vertebrane porn. All three of them will understand your personal preferences and they will be ready to give you exactly what you are looking for.

Would you like to try it underwater or in the weightlessness of space? No problem.

Would you like to do it over and over again for 36 hours straight with a wide variety of partners? That is certainly your prerogative.

 photo by Olga Vasilkova

You will be able to find billions of people online who are looking to hook up. In a world where everyone is connected together with Vertebrane and everyone’s virtual body is young, perfect and beautiful, sexual activities will be a constant component of the Vertebrane experience. Not to mention the fact that sex in a Vertebrane world will have zero risk in terms of disease and pregnancy. Compared to the sexual experiences that we have today, sex through Vertebrane will be unimaginable in its variety, frequency and duration.

There will also be billions of AI people who are designed to do nothing but provide sexual satisfaction. They will be able to take on roles that we cannot even imagine today. You will customize them to your specific tastes and fantasies.

 photo by Kateryna Govorushchenko

Imagine that you are a man, and you are lying on a sumptuous virtual lounge chair beside the pool at your luxurious beach mansion. You see your friend Jasmine descend the stairs and walk toward you seductively, wearing an exquisite outfit of the latest fashion. Her body and face are perfect in their beauty. She kneels next to you and kisses you softly as you wrap your arms around her delicate shoulders. She whispers into your ear one of the phrases that she has learned instantly arouses you: “Please John. Please. Right now.” Your clothes disappear and so do hers as she effortlessly lies on top of you. You feel your rock-hard six-pack abs rippling against her taut, smooth stomach, while her ample bosom presses down onto your chest in a most pleasurable way. As her warm, wet kisses intensify you feel her long, supple legs wrap around your waist and…

Jasmine is not a person. She is a virtual goddess who has been programmed to understand your every sexual fantasy. She is exquisitely sensitive to your sexual desires and needs, and she wants to address them whenever appropriate in a way that completely satisfies you. This sort of pleasant surprise might be happening to you ten or fifteen times a day if that is your desire.

 photo by Dmitry Filippov

Welcome to the world of Vertebrane porn. In this world, it all feels completely real because, as far as your brain is concerned, it is real. The sensations flow from a hyper-realistic computer simulation directly into the appropriate sensory channels of your brain. The Vertebrane simulation is perfect in terms of its imagery, sound, touch, smell, taste and pleasure.

The experience of Vertebrane porn is far better than normal sex would be in your biological body. The first reason for that is Jasmine and her virtual friends. They exist for the sole purpose of fulfilling your sexual fantasies. The second reason is the complete elimination of risk. The third is that, in the world of Vertebrane, your brain inhabits a perfect human body and that same perfection is true of your partner. Your sexual performance and pleasure are ideal. Partners can be both human and AI, single or in groups, tame or wildly deviant. The Vertebrane experience opens an unlimited range of possibilities that are perfectly tuned to your sexual desires.

Vertebrane porn will so completely overshadow the porn that we see in our world today that, for many, porn will transform into a necessity. The quality of Vertebrane porn will lure millions of today’s porn users to install Vertebrane systems in their bodies. Porn will be a constant part of the daily lives of a significant percentage of the population.

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