The Day You Discard Your Body Chapter 13 – Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

by Marshall Brain

Your brain is going to be quite happy with the virtual experiences that your young, perfect, beautiful, tireless virtual body is having. The virtual world of Vertebrane will be rendered with a realism that is better than the actual world, and will include sexual activities at every turn that make real-world sex pale by comparison.

With your brain fully occupied with these virtual experiences, your real, biological body will be sitting idle. What will your real-life body be doing in the meantime, now that your brain is disconnected from it and living in a virtual world?

Your biological body will be reduced to the role of a life support system for your brain. Since your brain will have no interest or desire to return to its biological body, your Vertebrane system will take over and operate your biological body for you. While your brain is connected to your perfect virtual body, Vertebrane will connect to your biological body and drive it so that it stays in shape. Vertebrane will be controlling your body so that it eats on a regular basis. It will make sure that your body gets plenty of regular exercise. Vertebrane will also take care of restroom breaks and other biological necessities like showers and hair cuts. Your biological body will be ready for you to return whenever you need it. It will also be in great shape. The goal of Vertebrane in feeding and exercising your biological body will be to try to increase its longevity as much as possible.

Despite the fact that your biological body is in great shape, you will have fewer and fewer reasons to return to it. And when you do, you will not like the experience. Your biological body will not be beautiful. It will not be able to leap tall buildings at a single bound. It will feel pain. It will get tired. It will sweat. It will need to use the restroom.

This will be happening to everyone. Everyone will be spending more and more time in simulated worlds because the experiences there will be so much more exciting and enjoyable. Eventually, your biological body will become irrelevant to your day to day life. The only reason for its existence will be to provide life-support services for your brain.

From the previous chapters you can see that, as a life support service, your body does a pretty poor job. Your body is exposed to the threat of thousands of different diseases, and many of these diseases are life-threatening to your brain. Your body can also get involved in accidents and catastrophes that can completely destroy your brain at a moment’s notice.

In order to reduce the accidental and disease risks that your body creates for your brain, and in order to increase the overall longevity of your brain, removing your brain from your body will be the prudent thing to do. You won’t need your biological body anymore, so why take the risks of housing your brain in a biological body?

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