Would you like to lose weight? Video shows the latest science on what works and what doesn’t

by Marshall Brain

This documentary on weight loss opens with this thought:

Every day we are bombarded with advice about new super diets and the latest slimming fads – advice on foods that are supposed to help us shed pounds. And advice on which foods are loaded with calories. And yet losing weight continues to be one of the hardest things we ever attempt. Each year millions of us try to slim down, and fail. So what does work? We’re sticking to the science.

It is a fascinating journey that boils down to 10 things You Need to Know About Losing Weight, all backed up by science…

10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight by Encyclopedia_Galactica

One thing they show is an experiment on how missing meals affects hunger and impulse eating. The obvious conclusion? Don’t miss meals. There is plenty of science to back this up. The rest of the show proceeds in a similar way, revealing the other 9 ideas.

  1. Don’t miss meals
  2. Use smaller plates
  3. Count calorie, keep a food diary
  4. It is not your metabolism
  5. Eat more protein
  6. Soup makes you feel full for a reason
  7. Avoid buffets and other high-choice environments
  8. Low-fat dairy products are good
  9. Exercise is good
  10. More exercise is good

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