How to make Greek yogurt at home and cut your yogurt costs in half

by Marshall Brain

Greek yogurt is fairly new as a yogurt option in the United States. If you are on a diet like the Atkins diet or the Dukan diet, the advantage of Greek yogurt is that it is high in protein. But the problem with Greek yogurt is that it tends to be really expensive. The easiest way to cut the cost is to make it yourself.

Here is one approach to making Greek yogurt – You strain the whey out of regular yogurt that you buy at the store:

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If you want to save big money though, you want to be making the yogurt yourself and then straining it. A gallon of milk only costs $3 or $4, and it is going to make a lot of yogurt. This video shows you the simple steps to making yogurt:

She skips the cheesecloth straining part. She’s simply relying on the natural separation of the whey, and then pouring the whey off. If you want your yogurt thicker, strain it as described in the first two articles. Also note that her “pinky test” is looking for milk at a temperature of 110 degrees F.

If you have a crock pot, you can let it do the heating, and you can make up to a gallon of yogurt at a time. Here is a typical crock pot recipe:

Make yogurt in your crock pot

Leigh and I have done this and it works very nicely. The separation of whey and yogurt is excellent and you can simply pour the whey off. No straining is necessary.

In the following video, he goes through the whole process, including the straining, to make traditional Greek yogurt:


To make a low-fat version, leave out the half and half and start with skim milk or 1% milk.

(I made a batch of Greek yogurt at home this weekend for about $1.50 per quart – see the results here: I made half a gallon of Greek yogurt this weekend – talk about cheap and easy! And Tasty!)

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