How to Make a Million Dollars – Three important quotes

by Marshall Brain

Woody Allen’s quote is so true: “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” If you will simply take the first step toward starting a business, you improve your chances of success dramatically.

The first reason for that is obvious — if you don’t take the first step, then you will never start a business and you cannot possibly succeed at it.

The second reason is more important. If you ever listen to motivational speakers like Dennis Waitley, Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar, one thing you will hear over and over again is this interesting fact about setting goals — if you will simply take some time to create some goals for yourself and then write them down, the chances of reaching your goals goes up by a huge amount. It is huge. Putting your goals on an index card and taping them to your bathroom mirror so you see them first thing every morning is also a smart move. I do not know why this works so well, but I do know that it works.

So what you should do is write down on a piece of paper a few goals for yourself, and one of them should be, “get my xyz business going,” and you should tape your goals to the bathroom mirror. I would do that today.

Churchill’s quote is also right on target: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” What does that mean? It means that, whenever you stretch yourself and try to do something successful, there are going to be failures along the way. Sometimes lots of failures. All you can do after a failure is get up and try again. If you keep doing that, one of two things will happen — either you will succeed eventually, or you will die. And if you die, then you won’t care anymore. And at your funeral people will say, “You know, he never amounted to anything, but you sure have to give him credit for trying. The guy had a lot of heart.” There’s nothing shabby about that. It will beat having them call you a couch potato.

Larry King’s quote is amazing in its accuracy: “Those who have succeeded at anything and don’t mention luck are kidding themselves.” That is so true. The thing is, luck can only happen to you if you try something. If you will just take the first step toward starting a business, and then the second, and so on, you immediately open yourself up to the beneficial power of luck. If you don’t, then luck cannot happen to you. Everyone who has ever succeeded has benefited from luck — sometimes lots of luck. But you have to be playing the game in order for luck to find you.

So let’s summarize…

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