My New TEDx talk on Elon Musk’s Mars Colony

Here on you can find the free book:

I was able to do a TEDx talk on this topic on October 3, and the video just became available on the TEDx Youtube channel today:

Imagining Elon Musk’s Million-Person Mars Colony | Marshall Brain | TEDxYouth@BriarWoodsHS

I was given 8 minutes for the talk – for lots more detail on Elon Musk’s Mars Colony please see the book. A synopsis of the book would be:

This book introduces a new economic system that aims to eliminate all of the poverty, inequality, hunger, slums and so on found on Earth today. This new system is introduced as a thought experiment within the context of the million-person Mars colony recently announced by Elon Musk. This new system will radically improve the quality of life for the vast majority of humans living on planet Earth today.

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