A different way to build a house #40 - The capsule

by Marshall Brain

We have talked about tiny houses:

A different way to build a house #35 – Tiny houses

And tiny apartments:

Tiny apartments – one as small as 55 square feet in New York City

But there is something even smaller that you can rent in Tokyo: the capsule. It is essentially a box with a bed, TV and radio that you sleep in. You also have access to a communal bathroom. It costs $30 per night:

Japans capsule hotels now coffin-sized homes

Satoshi Miura crawled into his rented room, dropping his bag in the corner. It didnt take long to get settled home tonight is a capsule. The rooms are boxes in this capsule hotel about the size of a coffin.

Take a tour:

It demonstrates how expensive it is to live in Tokyo.

In many parts of suburban America you can easily find complete two-bedroom apartments for $30 per night or less (examples).

Would it be possible to open $5 to $10 per night capsule hotels in America to provide inexpensive housing?

A different way to build a house series...

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