A different way to build a house #45 – Build yourself an Earthship for an ultra-sustainable green lifestyle

The site Earthship.org defines and Earthship as, “a radically sustainable home made of recycled materials.” According to the site, a complete Earthship will have these elements:

* Electricity is from the sun with solar panels and wind with wind modules.
* Water is caught on the roof from rain and snow melt.
* Sewage is treated on site in interior and external botanical planters.
* Heating and Cooling is from the sun and the earth.
* Food is grown inside and outside.

Within those parameters there is a lot of room for creativity. Recycled materials can include anything from glass bottles and beer cans, to old tires, to traditional materials salvaged from old buildings before they are demolished.

The following video provides a fascinating introduction to the technology (called “biotecture”) of Earthships and opens with these words:

Imagine a home that cost you nothing to heat or cool. Imagine building this home yourself. Imagine growing your own vegetables year round in this home. Imagine no utility bills. Imagine easily available limitless natural resources to build this type of home. Imagine a more earth-friendly civilization. Imagine… Earthships.

Three more examples:

The description of the previous video says it is “two bedrooms, one bathroom. about 1600 sq ft&”. They use propane for the oven and clothes dryer and say it runs about $100 per year.

The video description for the previous video:

( 1,160 sq.ft 1 bdrm, 1 bath)
This off the grid, fully self sustainable earthship sits on 3 acres of beautiful sagebrush 12 miles from Taos, New Mexico in the Greater World Earthship community. The west side borders BLM land and the Taos Gorge is one mile away. It runs solely on solar power, catches rainwater and snowmelt, uses earthship systems of grey and black water treatment and is heated and cooled by thermal mass. This is a great home for 1 or 2 people who want to live environmentally responsible, who have a working knowledge of earthships and who enjoy the peace, nature and serenity of the mesa. The Greater World community sits on 660 acrea of rolling mesa, is the home of Earthship Biotecture, and the headquarters of Mike Reynolds, the inventor of Earthships.

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