How to build your own underground shelter to ride out the Apocalypse

Back in the 1950s there was a serious government program around the idea of public and personal fallout shelters, as seen in this archival video:

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These old fallout shelters were intended to sustain life for two weeks – long enough for radiation lavels to get back to normal after a nuclear attack.

Now there is the modern version of the underground shelter. You may be worried about the possibility of nuclear war, yes, but there are also worries about terrorist threats, anarchy, global pandemics, asteroid impacts, volcanic eruptions, 2012 or some combination thereof. If so, then you are a good candidate for a private underground shelter where you could live in safety for up to a year. Because you will be living in the shelter for so long, they can get a lot more elaborate, as seen in these three videos:

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So, you could buy a shelter system like one of those shown above and install it. Or you could roll your own. The following video shows how a steel shipping container could serve as a staring point:

When building your own shelter like this, you need to think about things like:

  • Air filtration
  • Water supplies
  • Waste disposal
  • Food supplies
  • Medical supplies
  • Power
  • Surveillance
  • Defense

You may need to think about Surveillance and Defense because you have several points of vulnerability while living underground. The biggest one is probably your air supply. If your air is coming in through a pipe and someone plugs the pipe, you have a problem.

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If you would rather rent instead of building your own, see also: Vivos shelters and:

[The amount of effort they expended on power in the previous video is educational – three diesel generators, 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel, battery banks, etc. ]

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