A different way to build a house #55 – Lustron homes – Amazing steel prefabs from 1950

Although you can’t buy Lustron homes today, they do represent a different way to build a house. Instead of being made of wood and sheetrock, Lustron homes are made of steel that was stamped in a factory, in much the same way that a car’s body parts are stamped. Then the homes were sold as 3,000-part kits for assembly by the homeowner, as described here:

See also this more detailed presentation:

As shown in this video, the exterior of the house does not have siding. Instead there are 2 foot by 2 foot porcelain enameled steel panels, which in theory would last forever. The roof construction was similar, and similarly long-lasting. And the interior walls were made the same way.

See also this video, which mentions that 2,500 Lustrons were shipped before the company went bankrupt. A house weighed 13 tons:

That preserved home eventually made it to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City for an exhibition:

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