A different way to build a house #44 – Display your finest car in the living room

Many Supercars easily could be viewed as sculpture. So imagine a house with a nine-car garage. Now imagine that garage in the basement, with an elevator that lifts one car up into the living room for display. You would have this house, located in Japan:

This is not the first time that a car elevator has been proposed. For example, this apartment complex uses one:




However, it does not appear that the fire department is so excited about the idea of having 15 gallons of gasoline in the gas tank sitting in the living room:

West Chelsea Car-Elevator Apartments: Going Down?

Howard Hill, FDNY’s chief of fire prevention, in early February wrote to the city’s Buildings Department, to object to the plan. “For obvious life-safety reasons,” he wrote, “this design concept and use should be prohibited.”

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