A different way to build a house #59 – Making the most of small apartment spaces

You may recall the amazing “transformer apartment”:

A tiny apartment with moving walls becomes 24 different spaces

Now there is a new take on this idea using rolling walls on tracks, similar to the mechanism seen here:

You can see photos of the apartment concept here:

Small Apartment but Flexible by Setmund Leung

The different “rooms” are sandwiched within the selving.

Even without movable walls, you can cram a lot of functionality into a small space, as seen here:

Incredible Space Maximization in a Small Studio Apartment

This original crib has storage space and shelves in the most unusual and unexpected places, reducing clutter and contributing to a clean and fresh interior design. The wood gives this home its warmth which is “intensified” by the friendly vegetation pots spread around the open studio.

More info: Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

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