A different way to build a house #52 – The flat pack house

At the bottom it takes flat-pack to its logical extreme by showing a photo of a flat pack house. Which brings up the obvious question: Has anyone ever tried selling a flat pack house? In fact they have…

The first example is the HaitiHouse FlatPackHome, which assembles in 15 minutes but is about as ugly as housing gets:

One level up from that, this flat-pack house took about a month to assemble and finish and can be customized to almost any size and shape:

More info: Livinggreendesignerhomes.com.au

Here is a flat-pack house that is made from hundreds of plywood pieces that interlock with no need for screws or nails. This is a fascinating video simply because it seems like it would be impossible to build a house without fasteners:

One final option for developing areas, although it is not clear where the floors and siding came from:

There are also flat-pack storage units to put next to your house. Three examples:

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