A different way to build a house #50 – Build yourself a Ninja house, or add Ninja features to an existing home

Why have a regular house when you can have a Ninja house? This video demonstrates a number of Ninja features you could add to your own home:

Some of the Ninja features you could consider for your home include:

  • start: Revolving door
  • 0:40: Hidden area for spying on people in the room
  • 1:10: Closet shelf converts to ladder to gain access to a hidden room
  • 1:50: Escape hatch
  • 2:50: Hidden storage areas reminiscent of the Millennium Falcon
  • 3:30: Hidden yet easily accessed sword storage
  • 3:50: Hidden doors to hidden corridors.

As soon as you start thinking this way, you begin to see possibilities. Everything from hidden apartments a la Anne Frank to booby traps a la “Home Alone”.

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