How to hide money in your house so no one will find it

Let’s say that you have a piece of jewelry or some cash in your home and you would like to hide it so that either: 1) burglars do not find it or 2) children/guests/snoopy in-laws/roommates/etc. do not find it. The following article suggests seven possible hiding places:

Seven Secret Places To Hide Cash In Your Home

As the article points out, you could put your money/jewelry in a fireproof lockbox or safe, but sometimes that is too obvious, especially to a thief who will simply carry it off. A big safe that is too heavy to carry easily is another option, but that is sometimes impractical.

This video offers a number of household items (like beer cans, pringles cans, underwear, etc) that have been modified to turn them into hiding places for money or jewelry:

This video shows how to create a secret compartment book:

See also this electrical outlet secret compartment that you can make very inexpensively from a couple of items purchased at home depot:

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