A different way to build a house #51 – An inexpensive home using recycled wood and natural materials

What if you would like to build a house for much less money, using natural materials that have less impact on the environment? You can see an example of these building practices in this video:

The house is unique for several reasons:

1) It uses a very simple concrete pier foundation with 9 cylindrical piers.

2) The framing, floors and ceiling are all done with recycled lumber that comes from demolition projects

3) The insulation is called “light clay straw insulation”. It is made from clay and straw.

4) The walls are plastered in natural clay and sand and left unpainted.

5) Power comes from a community solar array and wind turbine.

Total square footage for the house is 400 square feet, with a 16′ x 16′ first floor and a 13′ x 8′ upstairs.

The plaster is made from common natural materials as described in the above video or seen here:

How to apply the plaster:

If you don’t like the idea of manure in your walls, use a different binder like dried straw, grass or cattail fluff.

At the way opposite end of the spectrum is this 4,700 square foot house, which uses different techniques to create a sustainable house:

It includes:

  • 1) Recycled tire roof
  • 2) Grey water recycling
  • 3) Eucalyptus floors
  • 4) Stormwater reclamation
  • 5) Geothermal heat pumps
  • 6) Non-VOC furnishings

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