A different way to build a house #41 – The ultra-secure house

by Marshall Brain

Imagine a house so secure that it can protect you against burglary, against any disaster nature can throw at you, and perhaps even against a nuclear attack. Such a house would be ultra-secure, as described here:

Is This the Safest House in the World?

Nowadays, increasing numbers of homeowners are spending big bucks to have panic rooms, safe cores and other sorts of high-tech security systems installed in their home to ensure their family and possessions are kept safe from intrepid intruders and other calamitous events.

One residence, located high in the hills above Los Angeles, goes several steps further than a simple but effective panic room. The lavish and luxurious appointments of the sky-high mansion discreetly hide and disguise a security system so tight that it just may be the safest house in the world.

The house is secure in the normal way in terms of locks and security systems, but also includes: two hidden panic rooms and two architecturally invisible safe cores.

For more info see this ultra-secure home:

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