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A Different Way to Build a House: Add Secret Passages and Hidden Rooms to your house!

by Marshall Brain

How cool would it be to have a secret passage or a secret room in your house? This video shows you several different options:

There are several ways for you to do something like this:

  1. Design in the passageway or the room when building a new house

  2. Find a void in your existing house and convert it (many existing homes have voids under staircases, next to fireplaces, etc.)

  3. Create a room or passage by adding a new wall

  4. Hide an existing room by replacing its existing door with a disguised door, like a bookcase. The following video shows you how (relatively) easy this conversion could be:

DIY is one option. There are also plenty of companies that will sell you solutions:

  1. Hiddenpassageway.com

    Example - the rotating fireplace:

  2. Reversica.com

  3. Hiddendoors.com

  4. Hideadoor.com

A different way to build a house series...

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