A different way to build a house #28 – floating houses

Looking for a water view? A floating house gives you the ultimate. Here is a nice introduction to floating houses in Europe:

How do they float? According to this article, it’s easy:

building floating foundations is a snap. Just fill a concrete box with some kind of plastic foam, flip it over, and you’ve got a stable platform that’s ready to float. And the more of these platforms you join together, the more stable they are. So Olthuis doesn’t plan to stop at single family homes.

“You see a floating foundation, with a garden on top of it, a swimming pool on top of it, and a house on top of it. And you can fix those floating gardens to each other, and make a floating village of it,” he says.

You can see the floating foundation in this video.

In Vancouver you can find a floating development called Seaside Village:

Seattle also has a lot of floating homes:

Here is a more futuristic floating concept:

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